Liste des Crashs de PAN-OVNI dans l'ancienne Union-Soviétique



By Anton A. Anfalov M.S. & Philip Mantle.



1. 1941: June-Belorussia. Near the villages of  Goszevo and Dubrovki, wreckage salvaged by NKVD troops and transported to Omsk. Later moved to Zhitkur in l945.



2. 1945: Bulgaria. Wreckage again transported to Zhitkur.



3. 1946: Romania. Again, wreckage transported to Zhitkur.



4. 1953: October- The disc-shaped UFO approximately 5 meters in diameter with a band of multi-coloured lights around its middle, crashed near the village of Grachevka west of Orenburg region in Russia. Wreckage transported to Zhitkur.



5. 1955: UFO crash in Kazahstan. Allegedly in-tact the UFO was once more transported to Zhitkur.



6. 1957: A UFO is alleged to have crashed in eastern Kazahstan on the Semipalatinsky nuclear test site. Salvaged by the military unit 52605 the wreckage was transported to Zhitkur.



7. 1958: In September a UFO some 15 meters in diameter crashed in the north-eastern part of Kazahstan. Transported to Zhitkur.



8. 1959: On January 21 in Gdynia, Poland, a hemispherical-shaped UFO around 3 meters in diameter fell into the Gdynian bay area. Observed by many witnesses it is also thought that ‘bodies were also recovered. The bodies were allegedly sent to Moscow for examination. No details of where the UFO was taken to.



9. 1962. Another UFO is alleged to have crashed near the nuclear test site at Semipalatinsk in Kazahstan. Again transported to Zhitkur.



10. 1961: April 28 near the Korb lake east of Leningrad. A UFO crashed in this area leaving behind traces on the ground.



11. 1962: A disc-shaped UFO is said to have crashed in northern Russia with the wreckage transported to the Odintsovo base near Moscow.



12. 1964: Two fully in-tact UFO’s were allegedly transferred to the US military by extraterrestrial beings.



13. The first Soviet piloted alien vehicles were flown and full contact with the extraterrestrials was made in June l964.



14. 1966: A UFO was observed to crash into the taiga setting it on fire in the Tomsk region near the village of Topolevka.



15: 1966: On June 17 near the town of Elista in the north Caucasus region of Russia, a UFO was seen to explode and fall to the ground.



16: 1968: A UFO crashed on the Kolguev Island north of Arhangelsk region of Russia. Transported to the Odintsove base.



17: 1974: A globe-shaped UFO exploded near the town of Donetsk in the northern Rostov region of Russia.  Debris from the explosion examined by many people.



18: 1978: Western Kazahstan. A UFO similar is shape to a fighter aircraft was allegedly shot down by the Soviet military.  UFO and its pilots were transported to Zhitkur.



19: 1978: Location unknown. A landed cylinder-shaped UFO come 35 meters long was allegedly seized by the Soviet military and transported to Zhitkur.



20: 1979: On the 17 February near the village of Zhigansk, Yakutiya republic of Russia, a disc-shaped craft with a mirror-like surface crashed into the banks of the Lena river.  Alien bodies were allegedly recovered which were later autopsied at the Moscow State University.



21. 1979:  A UFO crashed in the Ural region of Russia near the village of Rinburg. The wreckage was transported to the Odintsovo military base.



22. 1981: In May a UFO exploded on the Kolsky peninsula in the Murmansk region. Debris was recovered by the Soviet military authorities and taken to the Monchegorsk military air base.



23. 1983: On May 5 a cone-shaped UFO was allegedly tracked on military radar and shot down by ground air defence units near Ordzhonikidze in Northern Caucasus. The wreckage was recovered by the military and transported to the Odintsovo base.



24: 1983: A UFO was allegedly shot down with an experimental laser weapon in Kazahstan.



25: 1984: A seismic shock wave hit the Kolsky peninsula in the Murmansk region.  An alleged UFO crash was reportedly responsible and the wreckage was later recovered and transported to the military base at Monchegorsk.



26: 1984: In northern Russia in the Taymyrian area of Siberia , near the Enisey river a ‘dolphin-shaped’ craft was recovered from the river and removed to the Zhitkur base for study.



27: 1984: On July 20 in the Baku mountains of Azerbaijan, a UFO was seen to crash into the mountains.



28: 1986: On 29 January a steel-coloured, globe-shaped UFO crashed on height 611 on the Izvestkovaya mountain near the small town of Dalnegorsk. Debris was recovered and examined.



29. 1987: Near the end of August a rocket-shaped UFO some 14 meters long crashed near the Vyborg north-west of Leningrad. Wreckage transported to the Monchegorsk air base.



30: 1987: In early September another UFO dogfight took place over the town of Tutaev in the Yaroslavl region of Russia. The UFO eventually crashed into a bog in the Darvinskiy reserve and the wreckage was recovered and taken to Zhitkur.



31: 1987: On November 2, about 80 kilometres from Krasnovodsk in Turkmeniya, a UFO approximately 290 meters in diameter had landed on the water of the Caspian sea. The UFO then exploded and there was almost nothing left of it apart from an oil slick in the sea.



32: 1988: On November 22 near Al’myakovo in the Tomsk region of Western Siberia, an unidentified object is alleged to have crashed. The official version given by the authorities was that it was a bolide meteor.



33. 1989: A large UFO plummeted to earth just outside of the city of Omsk in Western Siberia. The object was recovered and taken to the Odinstovo air base.



34: 1989: In early June a UFO had allegedly caught fire and had crashed near the small port town of Nyda north of Tumen region of Western Siberia. It is alleged that live extraterrestrials were recovered and taken to the Odinstovo base near Moscow.



35: 1989: In the autumn a small globe-shaped UFO exploded in Dushanbe, the capital of  the Tadjikistan Republic, Soviet Middle Asia. It exploded in the Imonov’s family yard.



36: 1989: On 16 September UFO fought between themselves over the town of Zaostrovka, Perm in the Ural region of Russia. One UFO was shoe down by another UFO,. It was recovered and taken to Zhitkur.



37: 1990: In January a UFO was shot down by a Soviet surface-to-air missile near Vladivostok after being tracked on radar.



38. 1990: On September 26 traces of a possible UFO crash were found in the Kyzylkumy desert in the Uzbekistan Republic, Soviet Middle Asia.



39: 1991: On April 12 a strange explosion in Sasovo, Ryazan region of central Russia. A huge crater was later found but no debris.



40: 1991: In November a UFO dogfight was observed near the town of Ezibastuz, Pavlodar region of Kazahstan.  Two UFOs seemed to be fighting each other with one eventually crashing.



41: 1991.: In November a UFO was shot down by a Russian military fighter aircraft. The UFO crashed nesar the town of Prohladnyi, north of Kabardino-Balkar Republic. The UFO and its ET pilots were transported to Zhitkur.



42. l992: in June/July there was yet another strange explosion in Saovo. Again, only a crater was found and it remains as a suspected UFO crash.



43. 1992: On June 25 a UFO was allegedly detected on radar flying over Moldova in the Ukraine. A Soviet MIG fighter was despatched to intercept. Allegedly the MIG collided with the UFO both of which crashed as a result.



44. 1993: August/September Another UFO was allegedly tracked by a Soviet satellite system over the Ukraine. The UFO was shot down by military authorities and crashed near the town of Nikolaev.



45. 1994: On May 15 in the Ukraine, some 40 kilometres south/south-west of Kharkov, near the village of Ohochee, an unidentified object crashed. Debris examined by civilian UFO researchers revealed it as extraterrestrial in origin.



46. 1994: In June, Ukranian military authorities are credited with shooting down yet another UFO. This time it was 100 kilometres north-east of Kiev. The object was later recovered and transported to the military base at Herson where ET bodies were discovered inside it.



47. 1995: In May another UFO again was tracked by satellite and once again shot down in the Ukraine. Crashing into the Carpathian mountains near the border with Rumania, the wreckage was once again recovered and taken to the Herson military base.



48. 1995: In November a UFO exploded in the mountains of  the Chechinia  Republic, near the small village of Itum-Kale. The wreckage was gathered by Chechinian forces and all records of the event were said to have been destroyed during the was between Checinia and Russia.



49. 1996: In August a huge UFO exploded near the village of Shirokee in the Zaporozhe region of the Ukraine. The wreckage was recovered by the Security Bureau of the Ukraine and was transported to the Herson military base.



50. 1997: On July 21 a UFO was reported to have fallen into the Caspian Sea in the coastal waters of the Dagestan Republic. The crash was witnessed by the crew of the ‘Szhukin’ tug boat.



51. 1997: In August an elliptical-shaped UFO fell into the forest near Mezmay,   Krasnodarsky Kray, North Causcasus region of Russia.






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