UFO pendant l 'éclipse de Lune du 25/04/2013

http://lupuvictor.blogspot.com I’ve filmed an astronomical event on 25th April 2013, namely the partial eclipse of the Moon. It seems that while I’ve scrolled frame by frame the video made ​​with video camera mounted on the telescope, I saw this light on the Moon. I first thought it’s not real when I saw the video at normal speed, but when I looked again, here it is: bright and playful, impossible to deny it’s there.

The object is not moving behind the Moon, but remains in her front when she gets in the light. It can be seen as it continues its journey, and even has a stationary moment, and after that, is leaving the lunar disk on the top and disappears. To observe the object on the bright disk of the Moon, please see the picture again and again, and you will locate the object.

I’m an observer through the telescope for a few years, and as you can see this blog, I’m not playing, and I’ve took the job seriously and so I would not permit myself to make jokes, coming with fabricated fake clips.

I expect comments with explanations of all sorts, but first read what I have to say.

-The phenomenon can not be explained as a fly / bird (it would appear black) because this object is shiny.

-Also, it can not be satellite because in the video the object is seen that is stationary for a moment or decreasing speed, and besides that, it moves in several directions. Satellites not change direction so quickly.

It can not be a natural phenomenon.

Below are two videos, during the eclipse of the moon with bright objects.

In the second video you can observe the object on the bright disk of the Moon.