Les 12 découvertes les plus surprenantes et mystérieuses

Mysterious and Strange Archaeology Discoveries That Science Cannot Explain

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This article discusses 10 mysterious and strange discoveries made in archaeology over the past two centuries that science cannot explain (at least not yet) and could turn our whole concept of history upside down. These items and locations are so mind blowing that most scientists and historians even refuse to speculate on what they could mean and most choose to simply ignore them altogether or dismiss them as hoaxes without doing the proper research on them. What makes the situation even worse with these items is that anyone who does try and research them are often shunned by the academic community and when any non-traditional theories are made (that don't fit the standard historical record), they are quickly dismissed as "pseudo-science."

So, how do we find out about our ancient past? Sure, one way is certainly through written or oral means but to really see what happened, we have to do some digging in the literal sense. Archaeology as a science has truly given us the means to understand and analyze our ancient past but has at times also given us some mysterious and strange discoveries too. While almost all discoveries over the past 150 years or so (modern archaeology) have resulted in a clear time line and understanding of our recent human history, there have been certain discoveries that do not fit in this pattern. Of course, there are still mysteries surrounding the pyramids and other ancient structures but for the most part, these sites actually fit into our understanding of the past. What does not fit are the items and locations listed below which seem to defy what we know about our history.

1.) Small Ancient Flying Machines. There have been several of these small metal objects found that seem to show modern aircraft in striking similarity. Explanations have been offered from children’s toys, someone’s imagination, a flying fish, or actual ancient flying machines either made by the local population or seen in the sky by them. (Pictured above)

2.) Radioactive human remains found in two Ancient Indian/Pakistan Cities. The two cities are Harrapa and Mohenjo-Daro. Strange as this sounds but the radioactive level of dozens of bodies and melting, fusing and crystallizing of bricks and surrounding materials actually indicate a nuclear bomb or some kind of blast explosion. Today, scientists know of no other ways this damage could have been caused by other than a nuclear weapon.

3.) Antikythera Mechanism. Dated from about 100 years before Christ, this mechanism resembles a computer and was used to calculate astronomical positions. Nothing as complex as this would be developed again until the middle ages. It is truly remarkable with its complex gears and detail.

4.) Baghdad Battery. Several of these batteries have been found in and around the country of Iraq and date from anywhere to 200 to 500AD. These seem to suggest that our ancient ancestors knew a little about electricity before Ben Franklin’s discoveries. Most modern scientists see it as a means to electroplate jewelry but this is uncertain.

5.) The Voynich Manuscript. Although this manuscript has been proven to be authentic from the middle ages, nobody has ever been able to decipher it. Pictures of herbs on the pages in the manuscript have led some to believe that it is perhaps a medical book but no one really knows for sure until it is finally decoded.

6.) Buildings with interlocking segments Puma Punku. Engineers and scientists are still awe-struck and completely baffled by the construction of these blocks that have interlocking segments. Modern engineers have said they would not be able to duplicate these today with such accuracy as these were done.

7.) Ancient plumbing and piping in China. Located in a inhospitable location for humans to live on Mt Baigong, China, there have been found hundreds of pipe that reach from caves to the lake below and also more pipes in the lake itself. Nobody has any idea how or why these were made.

8.) Crystal Skulls. These have been in controversy since their first discovery. While there have been several fakes now known to exist, there still remains several that appear in all respects to be ancient but show no tool marks and are not known how they were created or why.

9.) Giant Balls of Costa Rica. Scientists have no ideas on who, how or why these were made but the spherical precision is incredible. Unfortunately, many have either been destroyed or the smaller ones stolen and sold illegally so only a small handful remain.

10.) China’s First Emperor’s Pyramid. This is one mystery that very well might be solved in the next few years. Stories tell of a river of mercury and a mini version of an ancient city with shells on the ceiling mimicking the constellations inside of the first emporer’s tomb. While this was mostly dismissed before as myth, the discovery of the Terra Cotta army (also in the story) and heightened levels of mercury in the soil at the front of the pyramid add credence to this “story”. Hopefully we will see this opened in our lifetime to really see what is inside the final resting place of China’s first emperor.

So, what is your opinion on these strange and mysterious discoveries from archaeology that science cannot explain (at least not yet) ? It is certainly mind blowing to consider some of the implications of what these discoveries could make to our understanding of history. Unfortunately, most of these mysteries might just remain a mystery for long periods of time but we can always hope for more discoveries explaining these odd finds or even giving us more items to consider…….