Structure en forme de dôme dans la zone Juventae Chasma

Date of discovery: May 2013
Location of discovery: Juventae Chasma, Mars
NASA Photo:

I was actually looking for structures in NASA archives and came across a photo that had great detail but was very dark, so I added light to the photo and discovered this dome. I did lift the photo off and put it onto my desktop, then enlarging it 5 times. Each time I enlarged it by 70-80% then saved it. In this way I can make it 4x or 400% larger or better without any deterioration in the quality of the photo. 

To me this looks like a domed city. Note its dark the eyes of the grey aliens right? Well they say those dark eyes of the aliens are just built in filters because their eyes or too sensitive to light. What if the aliens that built this are also extremely sensitive to light? Then this structure would be perfect for that particular alien species.

Remember as of 1989 the USAF in Area S4 were training new scientists to the area with documents that stated "there are 56 known space faring species." That info from Robert Lazar who once worked in Area S4. No he was never debunked but a lot of gullible people believed some undercover CIA/NSA agents when they said he was. Government documents from the IRS prove he worked there, not to mention his US Dept of Naval Intelligence ID cards.

I am only here to guide you while learning with you. What you chose to believe is up to you. Each of us have our own perceptual field or how we view the reality around us. Thing of the perceptual field as a pair of prescription glasses. If we trade glasses its unlikely that we will see the same way.

Scott C. Waring
Taiwan UFOlogist