Message Alien enregistré par le SETI en 1980

Nasa and SETI Astronomers Detect Alien Signal From Jupiter's Moon Ganymede

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Breaking News: NASA and SETI Astronomers detect an artificial alien radio signal originating from Ganymede, one of Jupiter's largest moons. When did this happen? Believe it or not but this scenario is supposed to have taken place during the 1980's. According to at least one researcher, Rupert Matthews, this was actually told to him by an actual NASA astronomer who was working closely with SETI. While this may sound extremely far fetched, it has only been in the last several decades that astronomers have confirmed strong evidence for liquid oceans underneath all three of Jupiter's largest moons: Europa, Ganymede and Callisto. And as everyone knows, water is the ingredient that must be present for life to develop so while the scenario could be viewed as highly unlikely, it is certainly not impossible. Unfortunately, the signal appears to have been only detected for a brief period of time and has not been detected since so it could be said that these aliens might have been just visiting the local area and are not permanent residents of the moon.

 As to the signal itself, this is what Rupert Matthews reports in his book Alien Encounters: True Stories of Aliens, UFO's and other E.T. Phenomenon which was published in 2008. NASA and SETI astronomers picked up on a radio signal that seemed to have a coded message sometime in the mid 1980's. The signal was coming from Jupiter's moon Ganymede and was definitely artificial in nature. The signal was run through multiple computers and no sense could be made as to the meaning of it. President Reagan was notified and an international conference was assembled to determine how to make an attempt to contact whatever beings were sending the message. Eventually it was decided to send a signal to the exact location that the message was coming from on Ganymede. This message would be sent in Morse Code which was considered to be the easiest for an alien civilization to decode. It would read "We have received your signal, but we do not understand it. Please resend your signal using this language and transmission code." Immediately after this message was sent, the mysterious signal from Ganymede ceased its transmission so everyone assumed that we would receive a new signal in Morse Code in a quick period of time. But day after day and then week after week no signal came and officials began to give up hope of actually receiving a response. Finally after more than a month, a signal was detected coming from the original radio source on Ganymede and incredibly it was in Morse Code. Eagerly NASA scientists translated our first direct contact with an alien civilization. And it said "We were not talking to you."

 So, was this our first direct contact with an alien civilization? If so, it can be looked at in either a positive or a negative way. Having them tell us they were not talking to us could indicate that we are not important or developed enough for them which would be a negative thing but it would also indicate that there are multiple alien civilizations in our galactic neighborhood which would certainly be a positive thing. What do you think?