Lemeilleur des observations Mars (semaine 3)

Le meilleur des observations Mars (semaine 2)

OVNI en forme de serpent

Vaisseau en forme d 'Ange

Voici des images apparues à 3 occasions en provenance du satellite SOHO et captées par les instruments LASCO C2 et C3; on distingue très bien un volumineux vaisseau spatial en forme d'ange !!

Meilleurs observations d' OVNIS Février 2013

Vaisseau mère sur l'Australie

Image exceptionnelle captée par un Radar Météorologique d'un immense vaisseau en provenance de l 'océan (visualisation toutes les 3 secondes)

Etrange OVNI boule lumineuse dans un tunnel

Une  boule lumineuse mystérieuse se déplaçant à  grande vitesse dans un tunnel a été captée par les caméras de surveillance, puis à sa sortie  a fini par percuter un camion !!

Un Alien à Bacolod City, Philippines

Petit Alien
Petit Alien

‘ET’ visiting gov’t center?


 An employee of the Bacolod City Treasurer’s Office was surprised to see a 2-feet tall figure that looked like an extra terrestrial creature standing beside her in her photo taken by a fellow city employee in front of the Bacolod City Government Center at about 4 p.m. yesterday.

 The employee, identified as a certain “Emily Santodelsis,” had requested her co-worker, Arian Ponce, to take a solo picture of her using her cellphone. When she looked at the photo later she saw a strange looking creature that looked like an alien from outer space standing beside her.

 In another photo of Santodelsis taken on the same day there appeared a streak that looked as if she was being hit by lightning in the head.

 One of her co-workers prayed over her after the experience because she was scared and shaken by what she saw on her cellphone.

 Several personnel of the Public Order and Safety Office, who were on duty to secure the vicinity of the government center for the arrival of the Israeli Ambassador to the Philippines, as well as other city employees who were preparing to go home, saw Emily while her picture was being taken but did not see any creature beside her.

 Some employees have claimed that they had seen about four of these “extra terrestrial beings” in the area.*CGS


Is it an extra terrestial creature (right) that showed up in this photo of an employee of the Bacolod City Treasurer’s Office at the Government Center yesterday?*